1990 Sportsmobile Class B
SOLD - Please see these sites.

The Sportsamobile Forum has some sanely priced Used Sportsmobiles
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Sportsmobile For Sale
Sportsmobile is the Hummer of Class B Motorhomes, only you sit higher
and can see over most Hummers and other SUVs.

New Sporstsmobile units run $60,000 to $200,000.
Why not do all the same things for 1/10th the price.

Live in it. Take it for groceries. Go backcountry.
This camper van does it all.

This truck is mechanically perfect. There are a few cosmetic
issues that we can discuss, paint and dings, but
they don't get in the way of the van's mission.

Turn the key and you are camping, almost anywhere.

There are NO KNOWN Leaks anywhere, including roof, engine, cooling
fresh water or propane systems.

This model has the folding "Gaucho" along the side.
With no front facing rear seats, it cannot legally transport our new baby :(.

This extended body van has 7 Cabinets, 7 Drawers
and a Really Cool Slidng Pantry.
Gas Stove, 3-Way Fridge, Sink and Huge counterspace.
There is no space wasted on the toilet. Those little ones are too nasty to keep inside.

In 4 Years I have replaced 1 Battery, The Exhaust,
Fan Belt, Lower Control Arm Bushing.
We also added leaves to the rear springs.
The Van has VERY LOW MILES and it is solid as a rock.

Sportsmobile on Coyote Beach near Mulege, Baja California Sur
I would drive it to Argentina tomorrow.
The Sportsmobile heritage, the great clearance,
tires and suspension will get you
many miles off the pavement
where you can live comfortably for quite some time.

The snow tires are new, the other four tires are in good shape.

You know if you need a sportsmobile. Call me. 970-385-5509

I bought it in Phoenix about three years ago. We are selling because of our new baby (can't sit sideways).

If you are a Sportsmobile savvy buyer, you will know that Sportasmobile has a proprietary, under-coiach airconditioning system, for use when parked and plugged into shore power. The dash air conditioning works great. The Sportsmobile Starcool system (hidden under the truck. Was not connected when we bought it. Since it is always mild up here, I never looked into it.

Interior condition is very good.
The drive train is like new with only 62000 miles on it.
The van is like a much newer van.

As it is currently covered with snow, now is not a great time to take a bunch of photos, but I have attached a few.
Since it is mid-winter, I have made no attempt to clean it up. You can see it in the condition I keep it in. I intend to start marketing it properly in March.

(ed. March is here. The Van is cleaned up and will soon go in the paper)

The inside of this vehicle is very nice.
This is my second class B motor home, and the Sportmobile fit & finish and their ingenuity for use of space is far superior to what I have seen in other coaches.
I chose this van after searching for 5+Years because it has a fantastic layout.
Because they decided not to waste space on a bathroom, this van has TONS OF STORAGE for clothes, food and gear.
We went on a month long trip in this van and had plenty of room for snorkels, rafts etc.

You can see why Sportsmobile has such a loyal following.

There are no rips, tears burn holes etc.
The interior is a nice soft blue.

There is a tiny crack in the countertop material at one corner. Here are representative interior photos.

Sportsmobile Interior

Sportsmobile Interior

Sportsmobile Interior

Sportsmobile Interior

There are the following problems to be dealt with:
Windshield crack - common in Colorado
Fresh water pump should be replaced.
Passenger window motor works sporadically

Also, as with many Fords, there are 2 or 3 spots where the top coat of paint is peeling. They are noticeable on inspection but not obnoxious, and they do not pose a rust threat. There is no rust on this van.

Look around at what Sportsmobiles sell for. See used listings on the Sportsmobile site. I think that you will agree, that if you are willing to take care of the few issues I noted above, this van is an outstanding value. Look around locally. Any class B that is clean enough to sleep in will be $9000+.

My motivation for selling so cheap is to save time. I have a new baby and don't want to spend my time on cleanup or in giving 20 test drives. If this is the truck for you, you'll know it.

When Spring gets closer, I am going to spend a day on cleanup and raise the price. Please save me the trouble.

Thanks for looking.




I am pleased to bring you this opportunity to own a very clean class B camper at a low low price. Some lucky camper will take this home at a small portion of what they are asking for new ones. Remember that you are supposedly buying this item for camping, not to look at in your driveway. You can take this thing anywhere. I have a friend with a $50,000+ Sportsmobile. He's afraid to do anything with it because it might get scratched. It also draws too much attention (destroying his privacy)